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Byron BY503ZE - Wireless doorbell set

Place the Byron BY503ZE wireless doorbell set wherever you want in the house so you can always hear the doorbell. The wireless receiver is easy to attach to the wall anywhere in the house. Because the doorbell works on batteries you do not have to worry about the wiring.

Easy to use
The wireless doorbell set consists of a bell push button and a portable receiver. The portable receiver can easily be used with 3x AA batteries and can be taken anywhere. So you never miss the bell when you are in the garden, your office or in the attic.

Weather-resistant bell printer
The weatherproof doorbell has an IP44 protection value and is provided with a nameplate, so visitors always know if they are at the right address. Visitors can see that the bell is ringing because the doorbell lights up when it is pressed.

Wide reach
The bell printer and receiver can be used up to 125 meters apart. However, walls and obstacles can limit this range as follows:
- Open space: 100% of the maximum range
- Wooden walls or large obstacles such as cabinets or other large furniture: 80 - 95% of the maximum range
- Stone walls or large obstacles: 60 - 80% of the maximum range
- Metal walls or large obstacles: 0 - 20% of the maximum range

Choose your own melody
The doorbell set has 8 different melodies, so you can choose the melody that suits you best. The sound volume is easy to adjust so you can be sure that you can always hear the doorbell.

Easy installation
The doorbell can easily be hung with two screws or double-sided adhesive tape. Disconnect the doorbell and receiver in just a few seconds. The doorbell does not interfere with the doorbell of your neighbors thanks to the large number of self-learning codes so that the bell always chooses a unique frequency. It is also possible to attach the portable receiver to the wall at a fixed location.

Expandable set
If you want to connect an extra doorbell because you want a doorbell for both the front and back door, you can extend the set with the following Byron products: BY30, BY33, BY34, BY35, BY37 and BY37Z.

You receive a 24-month warranty on the Byron BY503ZE wireless doorbell set.

Contents of the package:

Call button with nameplate, battery call button, wireless doorbell, manual
Easy to install through the doorbell on batteries
Never miss the doorbell again thanks to the doorbell with 125 m range
Choose from different melodies and adjust the sound volume yourself
Use the receiver as a portable doorbell or mount it on the wall
Visitors always use the right bell thanks to the call button with nameplate

Byron BY503ZE - Wireless doorbell set

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