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Bosch AdvancedRotak 490 - Lawn Mower

With the Bosch AdvancedRotak 490 you mow your lawn with little effort and in a controlled manner. The Ergoflex handlebar ensures that you can easily steer the 1400-watt electric lawn mower and that you minimize your arms and back. You mow your grass in strips of 36 centimeters wide with a hardened steel knife. You can easily set the cutting height between 20 and 70 millimeters in 6 steps. You catch the cut grass in the collapsible 40-liter container. If you want to fertilize your lawn in a natural way, use the multi-mulch, with which you can shred the grass very finely. Your lawn stays beautiful and healthy with the AdvancedRotak 490.

Bosch AdvancedRotak 490 - Lawn Mower

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