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Brilliant - Telma Rust Reading Lamp 150 cm

Light and dark alternate every 12 hours. With the Telma floor lamp, you don't have to worry about sitting in the dark. Giving functional light is not the only task of this Telma. The rural appearance provides extra atmosphere in the room. This floor lamp is supplied without a light source. The maximum wattage of this floor lamp is 20 watts. Naturally, this Telma is suitable for LED. This way you can determine the desired light for your space. A plug is supplied with the luminaire, allowing you to connect this floor lamp directly to the mains. Even after you have installed the luminaire to your liking, you can still direct the light beam in the desired direction. This makes this Telma from Brilliant applicable to many applications. This interior lamp is equipped with a switch so you don't have to install an extra switch.

Brilliant - Telma Rust Reading Lamp 150 cm

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