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As seen on the IAW Trade Fair

As seen on the IAW Trade Fair

Published at 1 October 2014 by Westocklots

Last week was the International Trade Fair for Retail Promotions and Imports (IAW) in Cologne.

With 299 other exhibitors on a 26,000 m2 display area we welcomed approx.. 8,500 exhibitors.

For us it was the third time we exhibited there. The second time under the name of Westocklots. It was quite a special experience because, here we showed our B2B Portal. A business to business platform where our customers can see our complete assortment.

A combination of regular goods as well as stocklots including price- and stocklevels. This is the first version of out B2B portal where traders, wholesalers, agents, online- and offline retailers can order and ship too.

We presented this on a television screen so our audience was able to see how everything works and at the same time give input and ask questions.

Everybody was pretty enthusiastic about it. People were able to find the information they were looking for in a small amount of time. With a clear overview. Great.

At this moment of writing already over 100 customer account have been created. You don’t have your account yet? But you do have interest in buying innovative (stock)lots of Smartphone & Tablet accessories, Electronics, Theme products, Fashion, Cosmetics and Home environment products? Sign up for an account and discover what we have to offer!

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