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Hooray! Time to celebrate for the team of Westocklots, but also for our customers.

Hooray! Time to celebrate for the team of Westocklots, but also for our customers.

Published at 17 September 2014 by Westocklots

The new product portal is now online, fully up and running. In this login part of our website we share our selected product content with you.

The product portal is for customer use only, so only approved accounts have access to our assortment, current stock levels, prices, photos and detailed product information.

All is now available in a user friendly environment. Browsing our assortment of overstocks, overproductions, stocklots and branded wear is easy and fun. You’ll have a clear overview from the main screen on. You’ll find the great lots you’re looking for in no time. And if you are looking for anything special, you can let us know and we will use our sourcing network in order to search for these items.

We think it is extremely important to keep innovating and extending our assortment in the way our customers like us to. Our product portal is there for you and should actually help you in your buying process, from sourcing up to ordering.

We’ve also created an safe environment where you can calculate exact shipment costs and even proceed to payment of your order. Sure, if you want to pick up the goods yourself in our warehouse Westerhoven, the Netherlands it’s fine too.

How this works? We’ll take you on a quick tour.

Categories and browsing the assortment.

On the main product page we present the products that recently came in or are very popular at the moment. This way you immediately see what products should have your attention. After checking the products on this page, you can head for the rest of our assortment. You are able to do so by using the ‘I’m shopping for …’ search tool. Another option is to mouse over the button ‘Products’ next to ‘Home’. A new menu will unfold. Main categories will be displayed in bold. Subcategories are shown below the main categories. All categories are clickable.

We have created bread crumbs to easily find your way back while moving deeper into the assortment. To accelerate your search, we’ve displayed a picture with the starting prices and actual stock so you don’t have to open all products. Whenever an item has your interest, simply open it and extended product information will be presented to you.

Product details

The best impression about a product you will get by viewing pictures in the gallery. Pictures say more than words, but for even a better idea about the product we have the specifications, which can be find bellow the photos. Prices are shown, but also the different options in which this product is available, for instance different sizes or multiple colours.

With one click of your mouse you will be able to add the quantity of the item you desire to your shopping cart.

Practical information is mentioned below the various options. This information includes our product code, the EAN code, the inventory, process time when ordering, the dimensions and weight of the product and/or package. This information can be used to calculate the shipment costs.  At last you see the attachments containing photos, datasheets or whatever extra info we have to share with you.

To view what’s in your cart check the head banner on top of the page. On the right side you can see what’s the total amount of your order is so far and how many items your cart contains.


Mouse over the cart and you can take a closer look at the items that are in the cart. If you have collected all the items you want to order, please fill in the shipment calculation. First start with your country. For most countries you can select ‘International Shipment’ or ‘PickUp’. For some countries ‘PickUp’ is the only option possible, because we are not able to ship to these countries yet. The option ‘PickUp’ is free, without any charge, the International Shipment will display the costs when you want us to ship the goods to your warehouse. If you are happy with your shipment choice you will be able to proceed your order. You will have the chance to check the billing information which comes from your profile, besiedes that you are able to ship the items to another delivery address. The last step is selecting the payment method. Accept our terms and conditions and click on ‘Place order’ and you are done!


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