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Walra home textiles

Walra home textiles

Published at 10 December 2014 by Westocklots

Since 1873 Walra® is a brand that stands for high quality and luxurious home textiles. Walra® has become a household name in the domestic and home textile world. With a beautiful collection is Walra® still unchallenged at the top.

The collections is divided in four sub-lines, complete with bath linen, bed linen, bedspreads and bathrobes. These are the organic collection, the hotel collection, sport collection and the seasons collection.

Walra home has all the bath linen and bathrobes, you can find them here:

The collection offers a complete set of towels for each bathroom with the familiar Walra® quality, which ensures years of enjoyment of your linens.

The core values of Walra® are quality, timeless, reliable, luxury, simplicity, recognizable, accessible and thought out.



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