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We’ll buy your stocks!

As a stock clearance company operating in the Netherlands is always looking for all kinds of branded and unbranded stocklots and overstocks.

All stocklots, end-of-sale products, overstocks, overproductions or stocks available because of a bankruptcy are interesting for us as long as they are consumer goods like electronics, fashion, personal care, smartphone and tablet accessories, theme products and gadgets.

We are interested in the following:

  • Stocklots
  • End-of-Sale products
  • Overstocks
  • Overproductions
  • Stocks with transport damage
  • Stocks of bankrupt companies

Stocklots and overstocks

Are you a distributor and are you facing a product that is transformed into a slow mover?Are you looking for a solution for your full warehouse? Are you looking to sell some stock because it is not selling good in the season? Any old collections available that you want to get rid of? Please let us know.

We are capable of moving big stocks for you so you will be able to proceed with new products and chances in your market.

End-of-Sale products and overproductions

As a partner we can offer you a quick solution for any brand owner. Even old collections and slow moving colours or models are interesting for us.
We can help you sell the products, even if there are restrictions applicable.
We do understand that as a brand holder you want to protect your brand name or your home market. We are able to work with these demands and keep track of your products even after the sales.

Please offer us your overproductions and stocklots, we will decide fast and are able to make you a fast offer. After we reach an agreement, we are capable of fast payment, even up to cash payment at pick up.

Stocks with transport damage:

Transportation causes a lot of damage to products each day. This happens on the street, on an airplane or on a containership. Are you an expert and looking for a buyer of consumer goods that have been damaged through transport? Please let us know and we are willing to make you a good offer.

Stocks of bankrupt companies:

As curator you will have to change the inventory of a bankrupt company into money. We can help you with that! After receiving the full inventory list we will put in a fair offer. We are able to decide fast, pay immediately and pick up the goods within 48 hours.


Do you have any interesting stock available, please send us an email( including all information of the available stock, including product information, available stock quantity, pictures and the price for the total stock.

Do you need any more info regarding our work? Please send us an email at or give us a call at +31 (0)40 7820089

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