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Keter - Urban Bloomer Garden Box

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The Urban Bloomer by Keter is a versatile garden decoration that is ideal for any outdoor stay, from balconies to spacious terraces and even indoors. Thanks to the capacity of 48 L you can use it to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers. It has an integrated watering system and it is made of innovative material, a high-quality plastic PP that is durable, maintenance-free and weather-resistant. The watering system contains a double bottom that serves as a water reservoir that keeps the water under the earth, in contact with the roots to prevent root rot and an indicator that lets you know when there is too much water in it. The planter is easy to clean thanks to the drain system. The raised plant bed of the Urban Bloomer planter makes gardening simple and fun. This is an ergonomically designed outdoor planter that is high above the ground to avoid bending and bending.

Color: anthracite
Material: plastic PP
Dimensions: 82 x 37.3 x 78 cm (W x D x H)
Unique, durable and maintenance-free material
With watering system that contains a double bottom and a water level indicator.
With drainage system
Capacity: 48 L
Weather resistant Easy to assemble Easy to clean

Keter - Urban Bloomer Garden Box

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