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Brameda is the company behind WeStocklots and is always looking to buy new branded stocks.

Why should you choose for Brameda as your buyer?

  • We have the opportunity to determine the best possible current price through various tools
  • As a result we can often pay more than other stocklot buyers
  • Thanks to IT integrations we are able to apply selective distribution and restrictions
  • We are looking for both small and large quantities
  • This includes all premium brand items in the categories lighting, audio, electronics, household, DIY & outdoor, watches & jewelry

What we can offer you?

We are transparent in our processes. We use an infographic to visualize how we approach business. It explains the benefits of working with us, the growth that we are facing, our reliability and activities. 

What do we ask?

We are selective buyers. This means that we cannot buy everything, but this gives us the opportunity to pay the highest possible price. With a second infographic we show what we are looking for precisely. 

Clearing remains difficult

For sure and we understand this very well. Sometimes it is necessary to clear certain stocks. In Fact, deciding to hold on to your End of Life products and overstocks can immediately have consequences. In our third infographic we explain why partnering up with us to find a solution for your overstocks, is the safest choice for preserving the brand as well as your customer database. 

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