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Audio-Technica started in the early 1960’s because it’s founder was frustrated by the low quality of audio brands. Hideo Matsushita organised a vinyl record concert and noticed that many people liked it. He founded Audio-Technica to produce high-end audio for low prices so everybody could enjoy it. Nowadays, Audio-Technica is still a family business and it operates just like that, keeping it’s core values at heart.

Audio-Technica & WeStocklots
At Westocklots we all love music and therefore audio products are special for us. A blasting speaker, sleek headphones or a nice soundbar under your TV, we know everything of these products! Audio-Technica brings exactly what it promises, high quality audio for a low price. At Westocklots we have audio products in all shapes and sizes, including Audio-Technica products! Are you interested in our Audio-Technica stocklots? At WeStockLots, you are at the right place! We have the finest Audio-Technica products in our assortment for a very sharp price. Go give our website a look to check all the Audio-Technica audio or send an e-mail to info@westocklots.com . Maybe we don’t have the right Audio-Technica stocklot for you at the moment but we always have other audio products from the best brands around, please check our current stocklots here: https://westocklots.com/collection/products/

About the brand
The company started in a small flat in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Born and raised in Japan, the company grew in the years after to a worldwide brand. Audio-Technica produces different audio products, from wireless headphones to blasting speakers! Do you want to read more about this Japanese brand? Visit their website here: https://www.audio-technica.com/en-us/our-story

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