The German brand Beurer has two main focuses: health and well-being. Beurer offers more than 500 products in babycare, healthy, well-being, active lifestyle and medical. With it’s history dated back more than 100 years and it’s presence in more than 100 countries it’s easy to say that Beurer is a leading brand in it’s market.

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About the brand
The history of Beurer began in 1919 with the couple Käthe and Eugen. They lived in poor conditions but always had an idea and a vision: as an alternative to the then very common hot water bottle, electrically operated heating pads would provide people with cosy warmth in future. Their innovation led to where they are now: a market leader! Do you want to see how the company grew and evolved into one of the leading health and well-being companies in the world? Here you can read more about the brand Beurer:

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