Not your average lighting… Brilliant lamps are for the people who want something different, something extraordinary. Did you ever think about a rusty pendant light? Or a floor lamp of 35 kg? You certainly have something to choose, Brilliant AG and partners have a total portfolio of approximately. 8,000 different luminaires.

Brilliant & WeStocklots
Lighting has always been a major part of Westocklots. From LED bulbs to bathroom lamps and from outdoor lighting to table lamps, Westocklots always has it’s customers covered. That’s why we felt in love the moment we saw the Brilliant lighting. Just as Brilliant, we try to be different than our competitors. Because of that, Brilliant lighting fits really well in our assortment! Are you interested in our Brilliant stocklots? At WeStockLots, you are at the right place! We have the finest Brilliant lighting in our assortment for a very sharp price. Go give our website a look to check all the Brilliant products or send an e-mail to . Maybe we don’t have the right Brilliant stocklot for you at the moment but we always have other (design) lighting from the best brands around, please check our current stocklots here:

About the brand
These lamps are not only a joy to watch, the quality is also very good. Brilliant is a German company and you can certainly see some ‘Deutsche Gründlichheit’ in the quality of their products. The company has a history which began more than 65 years ago but you can’t say that they stood still in time. Innovation is a major aspect of the grow of Brilliant and you can see that in their products. Do you want to read more about this brand? Check their website for more:

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